Dress Love

Wedding Dress Storage

Sharing the dress love! “How do I care for my beautiful wedding dress safely until my new wedding date?”. Here is our top tips for brides who have collected their dresses and may not be wearing them for a while or due to collect in the coming months:

Store your dress away from direct sunlight! Your beautiful Mathilda Rose wedding dress is at its happiest in a cool, dry and dark place.

Hang your wedding dress correctly! Long term hanging could damage your dress, particularly if it’s heavy. Don’t hang it by the straps or shoulders, instead, use the hanging ribbons that we showed you when you collected your wedding dress from Mathilda Rose. A clever trick here is to use an empty duvet cover to protect your wedding dress.

Avoid temptations to play dress up! It may be super tempting to look at your dress or even try it on for your most important friends and family to see, try to resist the urge! If you’ve got quite a few months until your new wedding date, the last thing you want is to become tired of your amazing dress.

Choose a tucked away place! At Mathilda Rose we also recommend you keep your dress away from anywhere young children or animals might be able to access it, and out of site of house guests (when we have those again!) who might be tempted to take a peek!

We hope this helps!

Nicola x