Why we buy & love “Made in Britain”

At Mathilda Rose we believe that a product’s provenance is of utmost importance, over 90% of our dresses are made here in Britain.

By buying an authentic British wedding dress, manufactured by a skilled dressmaker using the finest materials, you are not only buying quality but you are helping to keep these skills alive in the UK.

Here are our top 6 reasons why we are proud to offer beautiful wedding dresses made in Britain…

  1. We love quality control and peace of mind.
  2. We love a more unique dress that is not mass produced.
  3. We love to support British craftsmanship – wedding dresses made in Britain are made by hand, using skills that have often been handed down through generations.
  4. We love a dress that doesn’t come with a huge carbon footprint – have you ever stopped to think how mass-produced foreign imports get from the factory to the shop floor? It sure as hell isn’t on a slow boat from China these days. More often than not it has flown here from the other side of the world, leaving a massive carbon footprint behind it.
  5. We love to create employment for British workers – why pay for goods that have been manufactured overseas when we can help boost the British economy by keeping people in jobs here?
  6. We love to support home-grown talent – in times of recession many designers leaving college can’t get jobs working for big companies so they set up their own brands in order to continue doing what they love. By buying their products we are helping to keep the retail market in the UK exciting and vibrant.

To come and see our wonderful range of British wedding dresses, please do get in touch, we can’t wait to show you!

Nicola x
Creative Director
nicola@mathildarose.co.uk or 07967 535 361

Image with thanks Danni Beach Photography