Black 🖤

We love an edgy, elegant statement black wedding dress. If you’re in the camp that can’t imagine wearing white on your big day, why not rock a black wedding dress instead? We’re ALL FOR IT!

Besides, white wasn’t always the tradition in western culture. In fact, white dresses only became the standard when Queen Victoria wore white to her wedding way back in 1840; it became the ‘it trend’ to follow.

Black shades of clothing used to be a sign of nobility back in the 14th century, and today black wedding dresses still carry a regal vibe. Like a black tie dress code, black dresses symbolize elegance, sophistication, and formality.

Before Queen Victoria, any color was acceptable — black was even the popular choice in Scandinavia! Now, black wedding dresses are the perfect way to infuse your own style into your wedding day.


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